Keep ‘em hooked – Tips for mobile app user engagement.

Did you know that over 1000 new apps appear on the App Store per day?

That’s quite a considerable number. And if your business has a mobile app then this also means that you have a lot of competition to deal with. Bearing in mind that most people have very limited space on their phones and other mobile devices, if your app isn’t engaging it will be ditched.

The only way to manage this competition is to ensure that your app is engaged on a consistent level. How do you do this? Well, take a look at the following tips and you should find that keeping engagement going is actually relatively easy.

1. Improve the performance of your app

Improve the performance of your app

It should be one of your top priorities. Speed enhances the user experience, and if your app doesn’t load quickly (under two seconds preferably), those users may go somewhere else.

Whether your app is created through a development team or in-house, you must make speed a key feature. Some of this can be pretty technical, but if the developer can ensure that users get to their information fast, your app will engage users.

Alongside this, make sure that the interface (screen) of the app is smooth and clean. You don’t want to have a cluttered app so that users feel overwhelmed with information and frustrated. Instead, focus on plenty of white space and a simple, easy-to-use navigation system. Some aspects like these make a huge difference and can even lead to an app staying on someone’s phone.

2. Keep your app updated

Update your app often

This is an aspect of app strategy that is often overlooked. Just like with your website, unless regular fresh content and updates are added, you will lose engagement.

You could bring out a new update of the app, for starters. Do this as often as you can. This works two ways. Firstly, it shows that you care about the app and the audience that sees it. 

Secondly, it sends (literally) a message to your audience when the update happens. This means that you are putting your app front and centre when it comes to your audience. 

Even doing small things, such as changing the colour scheme for the app, can make a huge difference. Remember that your audience wants to keep feeling like they have a shiny new app, so change it often to get that result.

3. Send push notifications

These are a direct and incredibly powerful way to boost engagement to your app. 

Of course, they have to be used in a certain way. Every push notification you send to your user must be relevant and clearly impact their positive experience with your brand.

With e-commerce, it is a little easier to justify push notifications. Your users will want information about sales, discounts, and special offers. Bearing that in mind, make your strategy powerful by ensuring the relevancy is there, as well as a clear impact upon the user. You need to get them to engage, and they will if they value the notification. 

The above four methods should help you get the most out of your e-commerce app. Engagement will keep your app alive, so use the methods for your growth strategy.

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